fashion desire

N°34 SS20
Angelo Cirimele

There are countless qualifiers today to which no meaning is attached: eco-responsible, ethical, organic, recycled, sustainable... What if fashion wasn’t just a matter of reason and morality? What is changing in our desire for fashion today? Interview with an anonymous fashion lover facing the aesthetic and ecological stakes.

into the void

N°33 FW19
Rhita Cadi Soussi

‘The film seems more coherent, but it may be due to the fact that we have already gone through this labyrinth before. On leaving, we may be calmer, but still astonished by this mixture of abundant invention and childishness.’ 1

the recycling of forms

N°32 SS19
Gabrielle Hamilton Smith

Fashion seems to no longer invent anything, it only recycles, resurrects, remixes. Apparently it’s only capable of wandering sorrowfully – or hysterically – amongst its own archives, in the attics of its glory and its former creativity. It’s even content to simply recuperate, as they are, forms that it invented ten or twenty years ago at best…